A Collection of Reviews: Club Number Five

Club Number Five (smaller)The best compliment an author can have is a positive review from the reader. We wanted to share some of the best reviews of Jennifer Loiske’s books here as sometimes reviews gets lost, deleted or even attacked by the evil trolls, and that would truly be a shame. So, hopefully these wonderful reviews will help you when you’re looking for your next read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Two pints of blood and a packet of crisps please, November 4, 2012

I am a middle-aged man who has never read a book about teenagers and vampires. The wrong person to review such a book, you may think … or perhaps the best. I had no idea what to expect and took it all at face value. I do have some experience in the genre though. I was once a teenager myself and I have a teenage daughter the same age as the main character Samantha. I know how hormone-driven teenagers with big ideas and an inwardly-focussed approach to life, crave adventure and acceptance in any world other than that represented by their parents. Jennifer Loiske follows this theme and skilfully uses the vampire scenario as a vehicle to give a tired old subject vibrancy and bite. It could have been drugs, sex, alcohol or gangs. Jennifer chose vampires. Her subtle style (I stared at him, stunned, and tasted the word “friend” in my mouth) is easy to read and helps convey difficult emotions to the reader. The finest quality of any writer is to paint a clear picture in their readers’ minds. Jennifer does this. I thoroughly recommend her book to people of all ages.

5.0 out of 5 stars Club Number Five, January 6, 2013

This book was not what I was expecting, it was so much more. This book was amazing and filled with humor. I read this book in one sitting because I could not put it down. Samatha is obessed with fellow classmate Jonathan. She stalks him and then everything changes. She wakes up as a Vampire with no one to teach her the rules and way of Vampire life. Sam chases Jonathan around for answers suspecting he’s the one that changed her, but what happens when a stranger appears and seems to know more about her than what she expects. Does he hold the answers shes seeking? She learns who she can trust and the rules of Vampire life the hard way. This book Sams journey to learning who she is and how to deal with it. I highly reccomend this book if your looking for a good read and laugh. This book will not let you down. I look forward to the next book in the series, Jennifer Loiske has done an amazing job.

4.0 out of 5 stars A fun engaging read, September 16, 2012

Club Number Five by Jennifer Loiske was a fun read. What started out like a spoof with a ditzy-baby-teenager-vampire, that read like a YA high school girl has major crush on boy in class who ignores her, until… No spoilers here. The plot does get a little more serious by innuendo then dives in and you feel for Sam, the protagonist .

You’re let in just enough to form an attachment that carries parts that are somewhat redundant (trying to get into a club) but it’s tolerated because you want to know where the story is going and what’s going to happen, and Loiske holds the readers attention with just enough tension which kept me reading. Midway the action intensifies and the fearful dilemma Sam is in surfaces, which glued me to the story until it was over. The ending was a surprise and I didn’t see it coming, kudos for Loiske. There were other turns in the story, unexpected, with love interests, and mysterious happenings in the club, that Sam was warned against. The gory scenes are lightly done as are the death scenes, and it is in this underplay, the continued subtle descriptions that kept this a light fun read, at times oddly had me laughing out loud from Sam’s teen expressions and introspective thoughts. If you’re into vamp YA books, this is a read for you.

Sam 1 copy5.0 out of 5 stars CLUB NUMBER FIVE by Jennifer Loiske, November 1, 2012

My initial reaction on opening this book was “Does the world need another story about teenage vampires?” I was not convinced it would.

Samantha is just like any other 17 year-old adolescent as she discovers boys and one in particular, Jonathan, the hot guy every other girl in the school drools over.
Being a rebel Sam becomes besotted by Jonathan and stalks him one night as he goes to his mysterious club but the bouncer, understandably, won’t allow Sam admittance.
So she hangs around outside where she is attacked.
Sam’s only injury appears to be some small puncture marks on her neck and she immediately assumes she has been bitten by a vampire and blames Jonathan and his mysterious club where she unsuccessfully tries to enter several times.
Consumed by new-found deep emotions, and newly-acquired hormones, Sam lures her best friend Kate into her tangled web of bloodlust, which places Kate into mortal danger too.

Jennifer Loiske spectacularly describes the conflicts Sam faces within her new world as Sam defends her Vampire friends – sensitivity as Sam realises she is also a young woman with human desires too mixed with her duty to protect Kate and obligations to her family.

Sam eventually finds the man of her dreams…but sometimes dreams become nightmares.
I thoroughly commend this story to anyone as a compelling and highly entertaining read.

5.0 out of 5 stars Unique twist!, March 30, 2013

Wow! This kept me on the edge of my seat for as long as I was reading it! I loved the different twist to the vampire myth – and even the first person point of view of a girl going through `the change’ (and no, not THAT change!) Imagine being torn between two guys…one who granted you your new life, the other who would be your perfect match otherwise…

Cannot wait to read the next one in this series! Especially after that cliff-hanger!

5.0 out of 5 stars Can’t Wait for the Sequel!!, January 14, 2013

I bought this book because the title immediately piqued my curiosity; the cover art is unique and stands out above many others in this genre; and of course, because it’s a YA vampire novel, which I cannot resist. Even though the market is seemingly flooded with this particular subject matter, I believe there is plenty of room for more. Especially when the story is as well written and intriguing as Club Number Five.

The protagonist Samantha Green, easily captured the essence of a real teenager; she did not come across as too harsh and jaded for the age she is supposed to be. She seemed like a real girl, with real feelings who was forced to deal with a very unreal situation. I found Sam to be a character to which I could easily relate.

I love the references to other vampires in current pop culture, i.e. Twilight and The Vampire Diaries. It lends a certain authenticity to the character as a young adult well versed in modern vampire lore for her to compare her current circumstance to that of Stefan Salvatore and the Cullen family.

There are plenty of twists and turns and enough action to make this an engrossing and very enjoyable read. I won’t give away plot details or spoil it for other readers, just know that the bottom line is this: if you love Young Adult novels and vampires, you must read this book. I for one, cannot wait for the sequel!

Club Number Five, Dane5.0 out of 5 stars Oh My Gosh I Loved This Book!, April 5, 2014

I loved this book so much that I couldn’t stop reading it. I did not stop reading until I finished after midnight, and then I was like, “What the heck! You ended it?!” Her characters seriously sucked me in and took me along for a ride. Samantha, Johnathon, Kate and Dane. What a phenominal quartet. The chemistry between Sam and Johnathon initially had me glued to the story and then BAM, it switched, and Dane came into the picture. The electric sparks flew from there. Honestly, I love vampire novels but most of them are tired and worn out. Oh…not this one. Jennifer Loiske has a way of bringing her characters to life, and she does it with so much passion that you feel like you’re part of the story. I also read Black Diamond and loved it, which is more for a younger crowd but loved reading it. This one was right up my alley and will buying all of them in the series just as quick as she writes them! I’m definitely a fan. 🙂

5.0 out of 5 stars An engrossing vampire story!, March 13, 2014

I love vampire stories and the Twilight series killed it for me. Thanks Jennifer Loiske for penning a great vampire story, and for bringing me back into the fold. Club Number Five(Immortal Blood) is an entertaining, funny, first person narrative had me hooked from the beginning. The main character is kick ass and her confusion and desperation about what a vampire can do and cannot do is funny and engrossing.

As Samantha makes her journey through the vampire world, trying to find answers, she has some hard and nasty decisions to make. She also has to worry about the safety of her family and friends as she struggles to transform. A rather intriguing love triangle! The author leaves us with a twist at the end, with a cryptic clue for Samantha to work out.

I’m dying to know what happens next! An action packed book and a well deserved five stars!

5.0 out of 5 stars loved this book, March 13, 2014

I thought I had read all the good vampire books out there, until I read Club Number Five. I have to say the story between Samantha, Jonathan and Dane the love triangle. Samantha got bite by a vampire she thought it was the mysterious Jonathan that she had been following for weeks, she has a big CRUSH on him and he doesn’t even notice her! Then at the club she follows him to she gets bite by a vampire. She tried to get his attention to ask him if it was him, she runs into his cousin Dane and he tells her his cousin is a jerk and doesn’t care about her. She finally corners Jonathan and he tells her he didn’t make her that he should ask his cousin. She then finally gets answers from Dane and he tries to protect her. She gets into trouble when they mark her with her tattoo telling everyone she has killed it drives her crazy and she threats all the vampires including the one she loves Dane and his cousin. She doesn’t mean it more so after her friend that she turns tells her she is in serious trouble for the threating all the vampires.

I really have to say it is a great book! A must read!

5.0 out of 5 stars I cannot wait to read the sequel!, February 23, 2014

“Club Number Five (Immortal Blood)” by Jennifer Loiske is a fast read surrounding a young girl, Samantha Green, who one day wakes up to find she is a vampire. Quite a surprise, Sam muddles her way through her new life, seeking answers that no one seems to want to answer. When she does get some answers, it’s not what she (or the reader) expected, and leads her on a journey.

I can say this is the first book that officially pissed me off in a good way. Why? It ended. Not only did it end, it concluded on such a hook that I kept flipping the page back and forth wondering if I missed something. Of course, no more words appeared on the next page, except the Acknowledgement. I wanted to scream at the author that she forgot something…namely the ending to that cliffhanger…but knowing there is another book published so I can read on, I think I can forgive her.

Don’t let the cliffhanger stop you! I have never experienced such a great hook, which by saying I’m still a bit miffed at the author is the highest possible compliment I can pay. I totally recommend this book to lovers of all things paranormal.
5.0 out of 5 stars A clever, skilfully written story., February 23, 2014

Samantha is an ordinary teenager besotted by a boy. When she awakens to find she’s been turned and is now a vampire, her entire life and view of life changes forever.

Ms Loiske skilfully brings two subjects together. One story is of a girl becoming a woman and linked with this, a woman who becomes an unknown entity trying to find answers, and her place in a new world.

The writing is captivating and the storyline, although, yet another vampire tale, is somehow new and crisp. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the lovely way in, which it was written…descriptive, personable, and with a touch of sadness. I hope to read more from this author. A great read.

Jonathan, Club Number Five5.0 out of 5 stars Magnificent, February 17, 2014

I read this one cover-to-cover without putting it down. It was brilliant, a great new spin on the classic vampire tale. Samantha Green wakes up one morning turned to a vampire and hungry for blood, but still has her humanity, her love, her ethos entirely intact as she stumbles confused through the new realities of vampirism while still being an angst-ridden teenage girl with all the fury and passion that is oh, so natural. I loved it. You’ll love it! Move over, Laurell K. Hamilton. There’s a new sheriff in town!


5.0 out of 5 stars Very original take on a cliche topic, January 10, 2014

Teenage vampires. How refreshing right? Well, Club Number Five by Jennifer Loiske managed to go places I haven’t seen the genre go before. Perhaps it was the maturity of the characters. Teenagers aren’t all like Bella and Edward? Or at least imagine themselves so? This book is the first book in a promising series, but I will warn you it sets the hook for what looks like a pretty hard addiction to the rest of the books. I hope the author is prepared to write a lot of them, because books like these are rare and wonderful diversions from the normal sexy vamp fair yet just suggestive and adult enough to tempt adult readers of all ages. There are mysterious tattoos, references to vampire politics, and exotic settings ranging from Gothic chic to upscale hipster grunge. Now that I’m hooked, I can’t wait to read what happens next!

5.0 out of 5 stars Cool book, August 22, 2013

Club Number 5 is the second book I read from author Jennifer Loiske, Black Diamond being the first. I had already taken a liking to Jennifer’s style of writing and knew that I would enjoy this book before even starting it. I was not disapointed, except when it ended because I did not want it to be over.

This book was a fun read. If you are fan of Twilight or True Blood you will surely love it too. I can see it being turned into a movie or mini-series if the story got into the hands of the right people.

5.0 out of 5 stars Club Number Five, July 28, 2013

Wow, Jennifer Loiske knows how to paint a scene! Club number Five is a fast paced, vividly written vampire story. As a reader, I started to care for the characters right away, especially Samantha and Kate. I worried for them, and cringed every time they were put into danger. I couldn’t help but keep reading. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good vampire story. I can’t wait for the sequel!

5.0 out of 5 stars CLUB NUMBER FIVE DESERVES FIVE STARS!!!, July 20, 2013

This story starts out as smooth as a pond on a warm summer day. The writer takes you right into the story…. I mean she grabs you and pulls you in. There is no turning back… For me there was no putting it down. I needed to read more. I felt like a silly school girl as Samantha describes her fascination with Jonathan.

I liked that there was not many gory scenes and the dialog was often really funny and clever which held my interest. I loved the real life emotion, the ongoing humor and the modern day references. The writing is so sharp that at times I had to re-read the sentence. Not because I didn’t understand it but because I thought it to be so clever.

“I had been bitten by a vampire, and if I let myself think a bit more, something in my gut told me that Jonathan was a vampire. He had to be. No one could be that good-looking and be human. Though the main question was, was I a vampire too?”

4.0 out of 5 stars A must read for all vampire fans!, April 25, 2013

What a discovery and twist on a very popular genre. Jennifer Loiske eloquently takes the reader into a world of danger, suspense and intense emotion. Switches between the dark and the light and brings a touch of Nordic fantasy to young adult audiences around the world.. watch this space… I can’t wait for the next one!

5.0 out of 5 stars Samantha’s complex infinity hunted…, March 24, 2013

Club Number 5 is the story of Samantha’s self-discovery as a neophyte vampire, the blood habits don’t quite grab me, but what did was the theme of a confused school girl pre-occupied, roaming with infatuation to get closer to her magic man. This theme accompanied me through the story. Sam’s issues of obsession, complex denial, and managing the persistent temptations abound with her responding with defiance, regret … a full range of emotion … that is until the physical needs contrast with the luxury of paranormal `realities’ for this wayward, sometime squeamish adolescent vampire. There always seems the consistent inconsistency, the need to enter the Club Number 5 and to determine the nature of her condemnation, or, should that be to learn more about how her infinity will be forever hunted? The creative tension of trying to grow as a person/vampire in the complicated, very personal circumstances had me believing this is a solid 5-Star read for Jennifer Loiske’s energized YA readership. GMB

b6cf54915.0 out of 5 stars NOT Just Another Vampire Book!, August 10, 2014

I’ve read a handful of vampire books and thought I could predict how this story would proceed. I was wrong! This is a fresh take on the genre. The characters are in high school leading pretty ordinary lives until the main character Samantha Green wakes up as a vampire. The interesting twist here is that she doesn’t know how it happened. She’s worried this new state of being might interfere with her crush on Jonathan Blake, the senior class hottie. What follows is an interesting and refreshing storyline. This is part one of the series. Once you read this I think you’ll want to continue with the other books.

4.0 out of 5 stars curiosity or safety which to choose., September 14, 2012

A book with all the things you want:moody,hunky men, A foreboding house and a club that the main character can’t gain access to which makes her all the more determined, depsite being told it’s for her own good.

4.0 out of 5 stars Engaging, March 24, 2013

Good read with an interesting story line. I can’t wait for the next book to come out. Great afternoon read.

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