The Shape Shifter Series

Book1.inddThe Shape Shifter Series is suitable for age 16 and up readers.


Part One of The Shape Shifter Series.
What if you woke up one day and noticed that everything you ever believed has been a lie? Your mom is not a human, but something way more dangerous. Something that shouldn’t exist. And she’s not alone. Your sister is deathly sick and she’s getting worse day by day. A dangerous predator, a guy who is exceptionally good looking, wants you and has this nonsensical obsession to get you no matter what. A merciless hunt begins and nothing is safe. Not even your hidden dreams…

Is your mom strong enough to protect your family? Can she escape her dark past or will it destroy her? Change is about to come and she is willing to do anything to spare her loved ones. Even murder if needed…

Seduction (small)Seduction

Part Two of The Shape Shifter Series.

A dark and mysterious shadow flickered on the man’s face and Clarissa wanted to step back. Her legs, however, seemed glued to the ground and she just stood there like some stupid lamb about to be sacrificed. He brushed her temple, making her tremble. She was so scared, yet while she stared at him as if paralyzed, she felt something other than fear growing slowly inside her. He intrigued her, she couldn’t deny that. Not anymore. She seemed to know where he was, always, and her heart screamed for him. How crazy was that? He was just a huge, dark guy with a body like a dream. He wasn’t just gorgeous. He was more. Totally more! He was like a girl’s worst nightmare and a dream that you didn’t want to wake up from. Someone you wanted to touch and taste. A devil with wings. Oh, she was so stupid and she was in so much deeper than she had thought…

Change_RGB final coverChange

Part Three of The Shape Shifter Series

Tiamhaidh stood like a rock next to Marie, surrounded by at least sixty shape shifters. Sofia could feel the hatred radiating from them and she was ashamed. Is this how things were nowadays? Where were the hospitable hellos and their manners? Shouldn’t they at least hear them out before judging them? She glanced around but couldn’t see one single friendly face anywhere. What had happened that her old pack had totally turned their backs on her? You happened, her conscience reminded her bitterly. Everywhere she looked she met icy stares and angry faces, and not a single one of them were ready to back away.

New Born

Part Four of The Shape Shifter Series

Coming 2014/2015

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Jennifer Loiske is an Author of YA/NA Paranormal Romance books, owner of Rogue House, a huge fan of dark fantasy, a dog lover. Part of Authors For Charity and Epilepsy Fi. All of her books are available on Amazon worldwide.
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